Create a Virtual Reality Tour

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could travel at super speed… to any location on Earth? Or that you could show someone on the other side of the planet where you live? That is possible with Virtual Reality. And in this series, you are actually going to build a Virtual Reality tour yourself! This way you will learn what Virtual Reality is, how it works and, of course, how you can build a Virtual Reality tour yourself.

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In this series you are going to create a Virtual Reality Tour. You will: draw the storyboard, create the scenes, take 360-degree pictures, add extra info and publish and share your tour.

Mission 1 – What is Virtual Reality?

In this 1st mission you will discover what Virtual Reality is and how it works.

Mission 2 – VR Design Canvas

In the 2nd mission you will use the VR Design Canvas to design your own VR Tour.

Mission 3 – Create a VR Storyboard

In this 3rd mission you experience a VR Tour and draw the various scenes for your own VR Tour.

Mission 4 – Google Tour Creator

In this 4th mission you will learn the basics of Google Tour Creator: an online editor for Virtual Reality Tours.

Mission 5 – Scenes and 360-Degree Pictures

In the 5th mission you will create the scenes for your tour and learn all about 360-degree pictures.

Mission 6 – Add Extra Information 

In this 6th mission you will add ‘Points of Interest’, with extra information like images or audio, to your tour.

Mission 7 – Publish and Share Your VR Tour

In the 7th mission you will publish your finished tour and share it with the world.


In the missions you learned all about Virtual Reality and created your own VR Tour. You now have discovered a new way to tell your stories or present a project. 

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