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What is Kidzcourse

Today’s world is changing. And fast. Coding, robotics, virtual reality and more look to play large parts in the future of industry. Recycling last year’s lesson plans just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Today’s students need to be prepared for the world of tomorrow.

But how do you keep up when the school you’re in lacks the resources, budget and knowhow to do so? Not to mention the fact that these futuristic concepts are entirely foreign to you personally.

That’s where Kidzcourse comes in. Kidzcourse is an online platform designed for students 6 to 12 years old (1st through 6th Grade). It’s a lesson plan, digital toolkit, online video archive, and activity planner all-in-one that’ll help you learn alongside your students while helping them build up much-needed skills.

How Kidzcourse can help

Enter the exciting world of robots, computer science and tech through an approachable and interactive online platform model. The tiered structure and creative teaching materials will not only help your students learn vital STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills – it will help you grow as well. Even if you feel like a total newbie when it comes to tech, Kidzcourse’s tiered structure and creative presentation will help you speak the language of digital in no time.

This is not a “set it and forget it” approach either. Kidzcourse is designed to be used alongside you as a teacher, not in place of you. The videos and activities introduce the knowledge, and then your teaching shows them how to put that knowledge into practice.

1. Pick a course.There are courses for solo or team work and every grade and interest!

2. Prepare your lesson.Collect the materials, print the worksheets and start the tutorial video.

3. Educational Fun!The videos guide your students step by step through each course.

Why Kidzcourse

As higher education professionals and parents ourselves, we struggled with how to best prepare today’s young students for a world that we didn’t even fully understand. What we did know is that we didn’t want our kids to lag behind because of skills we lacked. We wanted to create a toolkit to teach students important digital, real-world skills.

We started the original Kidzcourse as a collection of video tutorials to explain activities like tinkering with tech, crafting, coding and experimenting. Using our own young kids as a pilot program of sorts, the response we got was amazing. The kids loved the interactivity of building apps, learning the language of coding, and making short animated movies.

However, creating all these tasks was incredibly time consuming and we quickly realized that for most teachers, building a lesson plan that was this extensive just wasn’t going to be possible. So we decided to open up Kidzcourse to the world so that all teachers could pull from our resources to help students everywhere.

What’s included

Access to over 120 Technology & Creative video tutorials
Download loads of printable materials and worksheets
Happy and smart kids, well prepared for the future

Kidzcourse is:

  • Easy to get started (no prior knowledge needed)
  • Video tutorial based
  • A full package that includes instruction videos & printables
  • Any additional materials needed are affordable and easily accessible
  • A unique learning style
  • Designed for solo or team work
  • Suitable for many different kinds of students
  • Highly creative, highly educational

Over 100,000 missions completed by kids, parents and teachers!