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You want your kids to grow up to be smart and successful, right?

Of course you do.

But for parents like you, it’s not as easy as just sending them to a good school and hoping for the best. The education model found in today’s schools can’t keep up with the changing pace of the world. And our addiction to passively watching content on screens is affecting the younger generations in unprecedented ways, many of which we haven’t fully realized yet.

The good news? Your kid’s future starts with you. And Kidzcourse is here to help.

See how fun learning can be.

Looking at the jobs of tomorrow

The jobs your kids will hold when they grow up will bear little resemblance to the jobs of today. The age of connectivity, technology, and robotics is leading to faster-paced, highly-skilled, creatively-focused jobs. Your kids need the skills to master such jobs and rise to the top of their field. And no, they won’t learn them by watching videos on YouTube or killing zombies on a tablet.

With Kidzcourse, all that is about to change. Learning alongside Kidzcourse won’t feel much different than playtime. And that’s by design.

Kidzcourse is a unique online platform for children ages 6 to 12. On it, you’ll find tons of fun, highly educational activities and videos the whole family can enjoy. It’s all about motivating your kid to learn, engage and create in a meaningful way.

What’s included

Access to over 120 Technology & Creative video tutorials

Download loads of printable materials and worksheets

Happy and smart kids, well prepared for the future

Why Kidzcourse

As parents of two young children, we struggled with how to best prepare them for a world even we didn’t fully understand. What we did know is that we didn’t want them to lag behind.

Most parents struggle with their kids’ “screen time” these days. How much is too much?

We are aware our kids love screens. So we decided that we needed to figure out a way to combine their beloved screen time with our desire for them to engage in active learning.

We both work in higher education (University) so we started creating lessons on our own, lessons we felt our kids would engage with and enjoy as they learned.

We started to create video tutorials to explain activities like tinkering with tech, crafting, coding and experimenting – all highly engaging, off-screen activities.

The response from our kids was great. They loved the interactivity of building apps, learning the language of coding, and making short animated movies.

However, creating all these tasks was time consuming and we quickly realized that for most working parents, coming up with all these activities wouldn’t be feasible.

That why we created Kidzcourse, a way for all parents to give their kids the tools they need to learn and grow in a meaningful way, even while you’re cooking dinner and checking your emails. Missions are designed to be done in pairs or independently.

I think it’s important that my children develop digital skills so that they can keep up with the future. And not unimportantly, the lessons are also fun to do as a family activity.

David (father of Dylan & Sofia)

How it works

1. Pick a course. There are courses for solo or team work and every age and interest!

2. Prepare the activity. Collect the materials, print the worksheets and start the tutorial video.

3. Educational Fun! The videos guide your kids step by step through each course.

Kidzcourse is:

  • Tons of fun
  • Easy to use
  • Filled with short lessons that are easy to pick back up later
  • Not a lot of prep time
  • Good for all types of interests
  • Independent or team focused
  • Highly creative
  • Did we mention tons of fun?

It’s never too early to start preparing your kid for a brighter future.

Over 100,000 missions completed by kids, parents and teachers!