Inventing With a Microbit

In this series you are going to build inventions using the Micro:bit: a tiny computer that you can program and expand yourself. For instance, you can make a digital dice, a compass or a game. This is how you learn how to program, and you can start inventing your own things after having worked through this series.

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Learn to code with a Micro:bit. Write your name in lights, make a digital dice or a Rock Paper Scissors game.

Mission 1 – Program Your Name in Light

In this mission you will discover how  a microcomputer is constructed, what it can do and then we are going to program it with real code so that it will show your name in lights.

Mission 2 – Rock Paper Scissors

In this mission you are going to make a digital version of the game Rock Paper Scissors. If there are two of you, you can both program your micro bit and play the game that way.

Mission 3 – Make a Digital Compass

Never get lost again! Code a digital compass with your Micro:bit.

Mission 4 – Inventing a Digital Die

Has this ever happened to you? Quarreling about who throws what with dice during a boardgame? Well, that won’t happen again after this mission.


In this series you have discovered a number of basic principles of programming and the possibilities of creating with a microcomputer.

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