Make an Animated Movie

In this series, you are going to make an animated movie. You will:

  • make up your own movie
  • draw the characters and the backgrounds
  • build the set
  • film and edit the movie.

You will need to download and install the free version of the app Stop Motion Studio. The app will run on your iOS or Android phone and tablet.

The best thing to do is to start with the introduction and then do all missions one by one. This way you discover a way to tell your stories. But you could also make your movie for school instead of a report or as a project for a physics or technical experiment.

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In this series you are going to make an animated movie. You will: make up your own movie, draw the characters and the backgrounds, build the set, film and edit the movie.

Mission 1 – Come Up With Your Own Animated Movie

In this first mission you will create your own animated movie with the help of the ‘classic story’ canvas.

Mission 2 – Draw a Storyboard

In the second mission you will draw all the scenes of your film in a storyboard for your animated movie.

Mission 3 – Design Characters for Your Movie

In this third mission you will think up, draw and set up all the characters for your animated movie.

Mission 4 – Creating Backgrounds

In this fourth mission you will make all the backgrounds for the scenes of your animated movie.

Mission 5 – Speech Bubbles and Text Screens

In the fifth mission you will design and cut out the text screens and speech bubbles for your movie.

Mission 6 – Make a Tripod

In this sixth mission you will make a cardboard tripod for your phone or tablet so that your camera cannot move when you press the recording button.

Mission 7 – Building the Set

In the seventh mission you will build up the film set for your animated movie, set up the camera and lighting.

Mission 8 – Record Your Movie

In the eight mission you will record all scenes for your own animated movie step by step.

Mission 9 – Edit Your Movie

In this ninth mission you will edit your animated movie, add sounds or music and then publish it.


In the missions you discovered all kinds of things about the technique and the story building of movies. You now have discovered a way to tell your stories, YouTube videos or maybe even make music videos.

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